Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pairing the Best Men's Underwear Under Your Skinny Jeans

Men's Underwear that Goes Best with Skinny Jeans

Right now, skinny jeans are at the cutting edge of fashion. As everyone knows, skinny jeans require a certain physique to truly pull off – if you don’t have the physique, you can always substitute supreme swagger and the utmost confidence. However, if your skivvies destroy your skinny jean look before you even leave the house, having the body and confidence to wear them doesn’t matter one bit.

One of the most important things to remember when wearing skinny jeans is that you want to avoid the much-dreaded visible underwear lines (or visible “manty lines”). In order to avoid this tragic condition, you must be thoughtful in your underwear selection. Ideally, the underwear that you wear beneath your skinny jeans will have a snug enough profile to be undetectable through your jeans, while still giving you the support you need. Here are some options for you to consider:

·       Bikinis. Bikinis are basically the smallest briefs that you have ever seen. They have a much, much lower rise than briefs. Generally speaking, they have a wide and flat waistband that sits right at the hips to prevent the briefs from riding up. Despite the fact that bikinis have an extremely low rise, they still have full butt coverage. Thus, if you are worried that your bare bottom might be hanging out, bikinis can still offer you a low enough profile for skinny jeans, but with the comfort you are used to getting from a fuller cut of underwear.

 ·       Trunks. Trunks are the love child of briefs and boxer briefs. This underwear has a lower rise than traditional briefs and shorter thigh hem than boxer briefs. Think of them as the tiniest pair of shorts that you have ever put on. The fact that they are cut in a similar fashion to boxer briefs means that you will not have to worry about your underwear riding up over the course of the day. That said, because the legs are cut shorter than standard boxer briefs, the leg openings will be undetectable under even the tightest of skinny jeans. As an added bonus, trunk-styleunderwear has long been considered one of the sexiest underwear options around.

·       Thongs. For the truly daring among us, as well as those truly dedicated to eradicating any and all risk of visible manty lines, we have the thong. The thong is constructed of a junk-swaddling pouch in the front, and various soft-elastic straps at the waistband and seat. Many men are reluctant to try thongs, fearing discomfort, but if you are a regular skinny jean wearer, you should definitely consider giving thongs a try! You could not ask for a more discreet underwear option.

Clearly, if you regularly wear skinny jeans, you’ve already noticed the importance of wearing underwear that is completely invisible to the public. If you are new to the skinny jean game, however, you may not have realized how much thought would be required. The most crucial thing is simply to be mindful in your selection of underclothes. Select a style – like trunks, bikinis or thongs – to ensure that you do not ruin your look with visible underwear lines.

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