Monday, June 24, 2013

5 Best Summer Beach Bodies - Men's Swimwear

Summer Beach Bodies: The 5 Best

Summer is the prime time to cavort around with very few clothes on, perhaps swimwear or something even less covering. Most normal men cannot afford to spend hours at a time in the gym, but celebrities can. To celebrate their determination and dedication to maintaining their impressive physiques, let us all take a few minutes to show them our appreciation by listing the top five men’s summer beach bodies.

5. Keith Urban. Rehab was kind to Mr. Urban. Recently, pictures of the toned and tattooed 45 year old astounded the public. Keith Urban says that he keeps in shape by going on tour or, when he is not on tour, by doing some cardio and light weight lifting. He says he would like to pick up yoga in the future.

4. Ryan Gosling. Everybody loves Ryan Gosling and for good reason, at that. Despite the fact that Ryan Gosling is in every woman’s favorite movies and clearly has more money than most, he seems to be ultimately pretty relatable. Ryan Gosling stays in such incredible shape by keeping tight to a strict diet and doing martial arts.

3. Matthew McConaughey is another one of those laid back dudes that everybody seems to love. Despite the fact that his personality seems incredibly chilled out, his workout routine is anything but. Mr. McConaughey is the closest thing you can possibly be to an Olympic athlete without actually having to be an Olympic athlete. Bing his training plans to see why.

2. Shemar Moore. If you do not watch Criminal Minds, you might not be familiar with Shemar Moore and that certainly is a shame. A 43 year old actor, Shemar Moore possesses what can only be described as the body of a Greek god. Thankfully, he has no problems whatsoever with removing his shirts in public.

1. Channing Tatum. Channing Tatum made major waves with Magic Mike but, honestly, he has had a phenomenal body for so much longer than that. Fun fact: Channing Tatum used to be an exotic dancer himself, so nothing in that movie was faked. He stays in shape with a routine of dancing, martial arts, and intense weightlifting. Sure, you are not going to get paid to work out anytime soon. But there is no reason to sacrifice the beach body of your dreams when wearing swimwear. Take a page from the book of these celebrities and do what you can to make sure that your beach body is rocking or enjoy watching those that have a rocking body, whichever you choose..

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